6 Best Pillow For TMJ in 2020

6 Best Pillow For TMJ in 2020

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is a disorder that results in a painful jaw, which causes patients to have difficulty chewing food, or it can cause toothache. It can also lead to headaches, joint locking, and spasms. Patients with TMJ are advised to stop or avoid sleeping on their stomach and putting a lot of pressure at the back of their head.

The market currently has a slew of pillows available, all claiming to provide maximum support and comfort for your neck. Therefore, selecting the best pillow for TMJ syndrome can become time-consuming and challenging. However, don’t worry, below is a list of the best pillow for TMJ that you can choose from, saving you all the hustle of searching through the market.

Top 6 Pillow for TMJ in 2020

Accutrig TMJ Relief Pillow


The Accutrig TMJ Relief Pillow is well featured and has worn a lot of hearts; the product is also Amazon’s choice for TMJ patients. The pillow’s design is to minimize pressure at the point where your jaw meets the skull. It helps in realigning of the joint to bring relief from TMJ pain; it enables you to mark the end of a frustrating and irritating feeling of headaches, shoulder and neck pain, tension, migraine and TMJ problems.

The pillow acts as a natural muscle relaxer, which reduces tension migraines, TMJ conditions, and headaches. The product has a 100% money back guarantee for its clients if the pillow’s results are not satisfactory; it comes with medium firmness.

Tempur-Neck Pillow, Small


When it comes to the Tempur-Neck Pillow, small, it’s an excellent model from Tempur-Pedic. The manufacturer focuses on helping people have a healthier and happier lifestyle. The pillow’s design is made to improve your neck and shoulder muscles relaxation. With the Tempur-Neck Pillow ergonomic design, you can be able to align your spine correctly and in the process relieving neck and back pains.

The pillow utilizes materials, which are formulated by NASA and it’s known for its pressure relieving properties. With the pillow’s adaptive Tempur material, the shape of the pillow is maintained even after utilization. You’ll also be able to get the right support from the pillow; as it has a plush quilted cotton cover. This makes it easy to wash it and in the process promoting breathability of the pillow.

The pillow cover is removable; it’s comfortable and durable. It comes with a removable and washable pillow cover. Not to forget the Tempur-Neck Pillow promotes a better night sleep.

Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow


The Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow is made in Canada by a company known as the Core Products International, Inc. This pillow has a unique design feature, which makes it ideal for all sleeping positions; whether you’ll be sleeping on your back, side, or both. The pillow comes with an ergonomic design; that provides comfort, support, and stability for any sleeping position.

The Therapeutica Sleeping pillow offers a proper alignment of your spinal, which helps in keeping your neck and back pains at bay. This is all thanks to the product’s two shape design; the pillow accommodates your body, which allows easy change on your head’s angle; hence, avoiding sinking in. The users of the Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow ought to expect nothing but a more peaceful and sound night’s sleep. It also gives the user a low likelihood of waking up with pain or a stiff neck.

The product comes with an easy-fitted zipped cover; it’s available in different sizes. It also comes with five years warranty period and relieves pressure points.

PureComfort – Side Sleeping Pillow


The PureComfort-Side Sleeping Pillow is quite an impressive pillow, from PureComfort manufacturer’s that delivers relief and support to give you a beautiful nirvana sleep. The pillow’s pad helps to relieve pressure and pain from your ear; this is all thanks to the ear cutouts design on the pillow. The product also helps in minimizing stress on your face as you sleep; this is advantageous for CPAP mask wearers.

The pillow contains a certification from CertiPUR; it has an adjustable height through the use of the manufacturers inserts to be able to alter the sleeper’s comfort height preference. The product’s design utilizes memory foam; it, however, doesn’t have a chemical odor often associated with memory foams. The design of the product is hypoallergenic, and it’s resistant to dust mites with its soft bamboo cover.

When it comes to the PureComfort Side Sleeping Pillow, it improves the users sleep quality. This is possible by reducing pressure at the points where the skull and jaw meet. In case the users find the product not satisfactory, they can either ask for a free trial or a refund.

LumaLife Luxe Low Profile Orthopedic Pillow


The LumaLife Luxe Low Profile Orthopedic Pillow is an excellent choice for individuals dealing with TMJ syndrome. This is because; the pillow is capable of improving your sleep; with its removable Tencel cover, the pillow assures you of sweat-free night. The product design utilizes 100% latex form striking at three inches, which gives the sleeper a comfortable night sleep.

This pillow’s shape is ergonomically contoured. Thus it eliminates wrinkles which are as a result of sleep lines. With its customizable design, the product is an excellent choice for individuals wearing a CPAP mask. The pillow doesn’t obstruct your nose or mouth; on the contrary, it helps in opening the airways. The pillow provides proper alignment and support for your neck.

Bellazure Duo: soft Back & Stomach Sleeper Pillow


This pillow is from Sobel Westex and its a topnotch product when it comes to relieving TMJ symptoms. It’s particularly comfortable and accommodating to give you a restful night’s sleep. Placing the pillows on top of each other offers you more comfort and support. The pillow is ideal for maintaining the sleeper’s shape, relieving stiffness, and pain.

The Bellazure Duo: Soft back& Stomach Sleeper Pillow, has high-quality construction that has a double-needle stitch. This makes the pillow smooth and durable; the product comes with a washable cover, which gives you a clean sleeping surface for a quality night sleep.

Final thoughts

While selecting the best pillow for TMJ, getting the right one is highly dependent on your requirement. Do you need a pillow that offers support, comfort, or both? However, with the list above, you cannot go wrong with them.