6 Tips To Wash Latex Mattresses At Home Effectively

6 Tips To Wash Latex Mattresses At Home Effectively

A clean mattress is an element that creates a good night’s sleep. After a period of use, the latex mattress will be dirty because of dust as well as bacteria and mold. If you are wondering how to clean it simply but effectively. Let’s discover these 6 tips to wash latex mattresses at home.

1. Clean Latex Mattress With A Vacuum Cleaner

If your mattress has been used for a long time and has a lot of dirt and mold, you should use a vacuum cleaner with modern filtration technology to clean the mattress.

First of all, you need to remove the sheets and mattress covers and clean them. Next is to use a vacuum cleaner to clean the mattress. You move the vacuum cleaner all over the mattress surface and the whole sides of the mattress in order to suck out all dirt and dust.

A special note that the vacuum cleaner must be cleaned before using.

2. Use Dishwashing Liquid

Using dishwashing liquid to clean the mattress is an intelligent, convenient and extremely economical method.

First, you should use a clean towel or paper towel to absorb water on the surface of the mattress. Then, mix 1 part of dishwashing liquid, half part of vinegar, and a considerable amount water together. Pour the composite liquid directly onto the stain and wait 30 minutes so that the stain can be dissolved. Finally, dry the mattress with a dry cloth, a fan or a hairdryer.

If you want to dry the mattress,  remember to away from direct sunlight, because when the heat is high, the mattress can be shrunk, damage and reduce quality.

3. Use Baking Soda Powder

Using baking soda powder can help you clean the mattress, remove the odor, dehumidify and get rid of common stains.

First, you mix baking soda powder with water and rub the mixture on the surface of the mattress evenly. Wait 30 minutes for the powder to absorb all the water, deodorize, and dry the mattress. Then, use a vacuum cleaner or a towel to clean again.

You can spray a little more essential oils or perfume on the mattress if you like.

4. Use Washing Powder

You may use washing powder to clean the latex mattress. First, dilute washing powder with water, take just a small amount of the liquid,  and rub it on the stained surface gently.

When the stain has been removed, wipe off the remaining foam and water on the mattress, then dry the mattress.

5. Use Talcum Powder

If you don’t have baking soda or other substances, talcum powder is the most common way to clean mattresses.

First, you should treat the stains with a clean towel, then sprinkle a considerable amount powder on the surface of the stain,make sure that the stain is cover completely. Wait about 30 minutes and clean the mattress again with a vacuum or towel.

You should clean your mattress regularly, preferably every 4 to 5 months to have a good night’s sleep and eliminate the underlying pathogens.

6. Use Water And Alcohol

To remove stubborn stains on your mattress, you may use water and alcohol. The alcohol here is the aromatic oils that contain alcohol in the composition with safe concentrations. You should not use pure alcohol because it can damage or change the quality of the mattress.

First, you should pour a sufficient amount of water on the stain and use a dry towel to rub firmly on the location just poured. Then, spray aromatic oils on the stain to deodorize and clean again. Finally, you should wipe the mattress with a towel one more time.

This is one of the easiest ways to clean latex mattresses while making sure it stays smooth, airy and durable.

In conclusion

I have just shown you 6 basic tips to help cleaning the latex mattress in the most effective way. Hopefully, you can choose your own way of washing latex mattresses and keep your sleeping space always clean and cool.

Thank you for reading!