The Film Buff

BIG changes are coming to the Film Buff in October.

The Back Story

Over the course of the past few months, we've been retooling and reinventing The Film Buff. The first and most obvious step was the closure of our east-end shop, a difficult decision made in large part to allow us to concentrate our efforts on revamping the original store to better align with a new media landscape.

To that end, we will be closed between October 14th and October 23rd to tackle a much needed renovation and overhaul of the store. Nick and Amanda (and Buck) will take over the cafe space and launch their new venture; Local Hero, a showcase of rotating espresso and coffees from leading North American roasters leaving Donna and I to focus on the ongoing curation and maintenance of what's evolved into one of the world's most complete collections of cinema under one roof.

Local Hero

Local Hero will offer high-quality, artisanal coffees from a variety of premium roasters such as Phil and Sebastian with flights and tastings of the latest specialty roasts. French pastries, rustic Italian treats, fresh dairy products from Quebec and The Buff's famous ice cream will round out the menu.

The Film Buff v2.0

Over on the parent's side of the shop, in addition to new releases, series and reissues, our renewed goal is to make the Buff's vast back catalogue more accessible and a little less intimidating for those interested in exploring all that cinema has to offer. We aim to reintroduce the thrill of unearthing hidden gems and forgotten works and plan to offer regular in-house screenings of films you simply won't see anywhere else. We'll operate on a new schedule, with new subscription and à la carte rental rates and a completely revamped website. Our new web presence will be mobile-friendly and include a reservation system, interactive film searches, recommended viewing lists and other innovative functionality to more effectively connect you to what's available in the catalogue.

We're excited about these changes and look forward to welcoming you to an entirely new experience at 73 Roncesvalles.

The Worsleys
(Nick, Amanda, Donna, Scott & Buck)